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Sep 13, 2013 Comments Off Denise Helmer-Johnston

One of the primary goals of our organization is to promote the sustainable use of our local resources.  Those of us at the Great Lakes CEI are very proud to announce our support for CK Table. CK Table is a culinary showcase of what Chatham-Kent has to offer in terms of local agriculture.  The event consists of an 8-course meal showcasing the food of 25 local farmers partnered with the culinary expertise of 7 local chefs.  The dinner will be held Saturday September 21 and farm tours will be Sunday September 22.  Last year’s event was a huge success and this year promises to be even more engaging.  Food writers and bloggers from throughout Ontario will be in attendance to showcase all that Chatham-Kent has to offer.

As consumers demand a greater connection to the food that they eat, Chatham-Kent and the Great Lakes area with its unique climate and growing conditions is in a great position to take advantage of this market force.  The potential economic benefits in terms of tourism and local promotion are enormous. If you would like tickets to this event, please use the contact information below:

Phone: 226-881-3221


Website link: CK Table

CK Table 2012

CK Table 2012